FOSTER Alliance ProgramShaping Ideas with Acoustic Expertise

Bringing your sound to life.

FOSTER alliance program started with a vision of expanding our passion
and expertise of acoustic engineering to various fields.
We welcome partners who wish to explore the possibilities
of sound along with our program.

Expanding Possibilities with Sound

Express with Sound

Our vision is to support our Alliance Partners to express their innovative ideas and see new products, devices, and services come to life with Foster hardware.

Communicate with Sound

Our vision is to expand the communication possibilities through matching Foster technologies, acoustic and haptics, with Alliance Program.

Hear with Sound

Our vision is to contribute to our Alliance Partners’ research for audio-haptic innovations.

Add with Sound

Our vision is to support our Alliance Partners to create aural solutions across a diverse range of industries such as agriculture and construction that add broad and meaningful value.



To research and bring to market premium acoustic design solutions with Hybrid products using Knowles’ world-renowned balanced armature drivers combined with Foster’s high performance dynamic speakers.

FOSTERAlliance Partners
  • Free samples
    for prototype
  • Technical Support
  • Joint Marketing
  • Prototype Samples
  • Product Reports
  • Joint


Please enter your company information in the application form and submit it.
When filling out the form, if you can prepare the following, the entry is smooth.

  • ・Description of your company
  • ・Information on your solution for Foster Electric devices

After submitting the form, we will contact you within three business days from the Alliance Partner Office.
Also, please be aware that we may not meet your request for participation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Teach us the conditions for becoming an alliance member please.
To become an alliance member, we need to establish a technical complementary relationship with our company.
Determine if you can offer complementary products and solutions to Foster Electric and existing Alliance members.
Specifically, please contact us from the inquiry form